Do not understand, why would someone hurt Chihuahua

I went to work today,Saw a little girl hiding in an alley,I went over to have a look,I almost did not scared to death. She kicked a puppy. It is only a Chihuahua puppy. This Chihuahua is covered with blood. my dog see the chiwawa being bullied. Run to the girl screamed. The girl was kicked and kicked my dog. Fortunately, my dog have not been injured.
The girl almost 10 years old. Should also understand that small animals can not be hurt. Why did she have to hurt the dog to do it again and again. Really do not understand
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Daily care and feed

Daily care and feed:

1, Sleep: The biological clock of Chihuahua is strong, so at a certain time it will be sleepy. Chihuahua can not stay up all night, and some usually have the habit of taking a nap.
2, feed: feed twice a day, each meal 20-50 gram, 9:00 am, 17:00. Snacks as a reward,feed it after eating dinner, not used as fill his belly. Do not let young children hungry even if it is choosy food.
3, water:  You can use the drinking water bottles with  ball, advantages: easy to clean, to avoid pollution, knock.
4, excretion: If there is the courtyard, you can specify an area dedicated to Chihuahua excretion. Family residential housing, the ideal is to train the dog to the toilet excretion. Put a large plastic plate in the toilet, paved a newspapers above it, washing is very convenient.
5, heat: In the autumn and winter, the temperature changes rapidly, we should always pay attention to keep warm, during the day below 25 degrees in the room, Its belly with a towel wrapped, fixed rope, put on his clothes. Summer air-conditioned rooms should also be the case. This to be effective in preventing diseases such as flu and vomiting. Cold night, will be placed in the quilt of their nest, or according to 40-watt light bulb in the cage, the cage with a cloth wrapped. More than eight months according to the lights do not have to.
6, taking a bath: in bathtub or pool with warm water,wash it with shampoo applied. Note: When washing the head must be covered its ears to prevent water entering the ear canal. Bath towel wipe them with water. After, we must hairdryer blowing, until completely dry. in winter bath once every 10 days.
7, out: pay attention to dogs behavior. Can not to eat Litter or manure. little chihuahua doesn't to touch the ill dog.
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Super comedy: Why is the dog like a person?

I find a lot of pictures of dog and owner is very much like.
To share with you Oh!
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The size of a Chihuahua

 there are different size of Chihuahua? such as toys or standard type?

There is no such classification method, "the Standard", "toy-type" or a small body Chihuahua dog, This is not a standard classification method. The AKC standard, the weight of a Chihuahua must less than 6 pounds (about 2.7 kg), more than 6 pounds is not up to standard.
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What's the difference between "Deer head" Chihuahua and "Apple Head" Chihuahua?

The answer is simple, "Deer head" and "Apple Head" is the shape of the Chihuahua's head. "Deer" Chihuahua's head is more exaggerated, close the distance between two eyes, and nose is usually long. "Apple Head" Chihuahua in a more pleasing look, its head is the round, the distance between two eyes is long,and nose is medium length. Read More......

chihuahua names

the source of chihuahua names 
Chihuahua is a breed of very long ago , the ancestors of Chihuahua, is known as the 'Techichi', it is a kind of sub-small, solid bone, long hair dogs. 

Chihuahua City is a major center of Toltec civilization, the city and Mexico City is very close now, and is a place where the most 'Techichi' artifacts. Therefore, the city has always been inferred for the discovery of present-day Department Chihuahua. Chihuahua dogs will therefore come from the name.
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About Chihuahua

About Chihuahua

Chihuahua is the most small in small dog breed, graceful, alert, swift action. Symmetry in the physical size and petite widely popular.
Chihuahua dogs is not only a lovely small toy dogs, but also with hunting and guard against instinct of large dogs, The petite size of this dog. Not timid of other dogs. have a strong psychological of the exclusive owner.
This dogs are divided into long-haired dogs and short-haired dogs. Short-haired has shiny species, next to the skin, soft and short hair. Long-haired Chihuahua species abundant in addition to the back hair, the same species as short-haired with a tendency to tremble, do not think it is cold
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teacup chihuahua

Today to see the Germany forum on the teacup Chihuahua's remarks. Chihuahua as the normal weight is about two kilograms, not exceeding 3 kg. However, adult teacup Chihuahua generally 1,5 kg. Many people critical the cup Chihuahua breeders. Say that they are to make money, they deliberately let dogs eat enough, unhealthy dog. or the dog  of bone defects. Of course, if the breeders is really the interests of money, let the ordinary chihuahua become teacup Chihuahua, of course,the dog is dysplasia, and even susceptible to many diseases. I am also firmly opposed to that kind of breeders. Even feel that is a very shameful. Dogs also have their rights. 

It is said that my cherry is a teacup chihuahua, because her mother and father are teacup chihuahuas. 1,2 kg mother, a very lovely girl, 3-year-old. her owner is a Chihuahua fans, to this Chihuahua, deliberately spent 5000 dollars to buy back from the United States. Her a few Chihuahua have a dedicated room, very comfortable. Even dog food are very good. teacup chihuahuas Living are very healthy, very happy. And there are not any abuse of the phenomenon, or was hungry.

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chihuahua puppies

Chihuahua puppies are the advantages of a people like that living environment and its food requirements are not harsh, and therefore relatively easy to raise and manage. On food per day to 60-90 grams of meat it is enough, larger Chihuahua puppies, it also supply of about 150 grams of meat a daily, plus a similar number of vegetables and biscuits.
As a result of chihuahua puppies is not cold, so hot food should be appropriate. Meat should be cooked, chopped, and Su-dry materials and water with the temperature before feeding to reconcile.
Requirements for their clean and fresh food, utensils should be cleaned frequently, after eating a certain supply of clean drinking water.
Chihuahua puppies  like activities and tease, the owner out of business or sightseeing, they should wear it out walking around. It have a certain amount of exercise, which may be conducive to the health of dogs. However, this dog very fun, and often can not control, we can not make it excessive movement.
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Classic chihuahua picture

Classic chihuahua picture c

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