chihuahua puppies

Chihuahua puppies are the advantages of a people like that living environment and its food requirements are not harsh, and therefore relatively easy to raise and manage. On food per day to 60-90 grams of meat it is enough, larger Chihuahua puppies, it also supply of about 150 grams of meat a daily, plus a similar number of vegetables and biscuits.
As a result of chihuahua puppies is not cold, so hot food should be appropriate. Meat should be cooked, chopped, and Su-dry materials and water with the temperature before feeding to reconcile.
Requirements for their clean and fresh food, utensils should be cleaned frequently, after eating a certain supply of clean drinking water.
Chihuahua puppies  like activities and tease, the owner out of business or sightseeing, they should wear it out walking around. It have a certain amount of exercise, which may be conducive to the health of dogs. However, this dog very fun, and often can not control, we can not make it excessive movement.


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