teacup chihuahua

Today to see the Germany forum on the teacup Chihuahua's remarks. Chihuahua as the normal weight is about two kilograms, not exceeding 3 kg. However, adult teacup Chihuahua generally 1,5 kg. Many people critical the cup Chihuahua breeders. Say that they are to make money, they deliberately let dogs eat enough, unhealthy dog. or the dog  of bone defects. Of course, if the breeders is really the interests of money, let the ordinary chihuahua become teacup Chihuahua, of course,the dog is dysplasia, and even susceptible to many diseases. I am also firmly opposed to that kind of breeders. Even feel that is a very shameful. Dogs also have their rights. 

It is said that my cherry is a teacup chihuahua, because her mother and father are teacup chihuahuas. 1,2 kg mother, a very lovely girl, 3-year-old. her owner is a Chihuahua fans, to this Chihuahua, deliberately spent 5000 dollars to buy back from the United States. Her a few Chihuahua have a dedicated room, very comfortable. Even dog food are very good. teacup chihuahuas Living are very healthy, very happy. And there are not any abuse of the phenomenon, or was hungry.


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