Daily care and feed

Daily care and feed:

1, Sleep: The biological clock of Chihuahua is strong, so at a certain time it will be sleepy. Chihuahua can not stay up all night, and some usually have the habit of taking a nap.
2, feed: feed twice a day, each meal 20-50 gram, 9:00 am, 17:00. Snacks as a reward,feed it after eating dinner, not used as fill his belly. Do not let young children hungry even if it is choosy food.
3, water:  You can use the drinking water bottles with  ball, advantages: easy to clean, to avoid pollution, knock.
4, excretion: If there is the courtyard, you can specify an area dedicated to Chihuahua excretion. Family residential housing, the ideal is to train the dog to the toilet excretion. Put a large plastic plate in the toilet, paved a newspapers above it, washing is very convenient.
5, heat: In the autumn and winter, the temperature changes rapidly, we should always pay attention to keep warm, during the day below 25 degrees in the room, Its belly with a towel wrapped, fixed rope, put on his clothes. Summer air-conditioned rooms should also be the case. This to be effective in preventing diseases such as flu and vomiting. Cold night, will be placed in the quilt of their nest, or according to 40-watt light bulb in the cage, the cage with a cloth wrapped. More than eight months according to the lights do not have to.
6, taking a bath: in bathtub or pool with warm water,wash it with shampoo applied. Note: When washing the head must be covered its ears to prevent water entering the ear canal. Bath towel wipe them with water. After, we must hairdryer blowing, until completely dry. in winter bath once every 10 days.
7, out: pay attention to dogs behavior. Can not to eat Litter or manure. little chihuahua doesn't to touch the ill dog.


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that's very helpful
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Laila said...

Wow this is a very good tips on how to take good care of Chihuahua... am planning to have a Chihuahua breed and this post will be very helpful to me...^_^

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