Do not understand, why would someone hurt Chihuahua

I went to work today,Saw a little girl hiding in an alley,I went over to have a look,I almost did not scared to death. She kicked a puppy. It is only a Chihuahua puppy. This Chihuahua is covered with blood. my dog see the chiwawa being bullied. Run to the girl screamed. The girl was kicked and kicked my dog. Fortunately, my dog have not been injured.
The girl almost 10 years old. Should also understand that small animals can not be hurt. Why did she have to hurt the dog to do it again and again. Really do not understand


Laila said...

Same here I don't understand why people hurt animals. I think those people who do that have no heart and feelings.

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azitinkiam said...

Well some people has no soul, That little girl should be monitored by her parents

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Antonio Giovanni said...

I love your blog!!
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shihtzu, shihtzu breeders said...

chihuahua is a high maintainance dog..

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Raju madhur said...

I think you should have given the same punishment to that girl also ! According to me there is no wrong in it ..

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lcownie11 said...

I also don't understand that.. I read a news 2 days ago. A cat been frozen to death and found inside an ice cube.

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